Cementitious vs Polymer Grouts

by | Dec 18, 2022

That grout doesn’t look the same! No, indeed not. Cementitious is much like it’s base word- cement. Mixtures of portland cement, additives, and fine aggregates make up cementitious grout. These grouts are often quite strong (in compressive strength) for simple structural grouting use – pipe stands, structural beams, etc- they are less attractive when live load (flexural and tensile) strengths get analyzed. When flexural, elasticity, tensile strengths are considered, the polymer grout wins that match! For chemical proofing purposes, the polymer grouts are often substantially better- as a cement based product is going to be porous and permit infiltration of chemical, which often accelerates the decay and spall of the material.

Let’s talk about what grout is right for you!

cementitious and polymer based- same type of equipment.


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