Grout. Needed? or not?

by | Dec 19, 2022

A classic question for most rotational equipment experts. Is the grout actually necessary?

The answer is tremendously complicated if all of the calculations are taken into effect. Simplified- it boils down to transfer of energy. If your pump or motor, or combination of, starts to oscillate while running, does that energy get efficiently translated to the earth – or does it have to be absorbed by the parts on the equipment designed to wear?

If the energy transfers to the earth, via the baseplate, grout, and foundation- that energy will not be used as an accelerator for the wear of consumable parts.

If the energy must be absorbed by the equipment, that energy will accelerate the wear of the consumable parts- seals, gaskets, bearings, housings, and anything else that would normally wear with use- will wear faster based on the energy it must absorb.

The best solution is to use the correct grout, the correct amount of mass, and the appropriate reinforcement to transfer the energy efficiently, so that the mechanical parts don’t wear. If you have grout questions, or need some installed- We are your professional grout team!