New Pump and Motor Grout

About Project

 Installation of a new pump and motor typically also requires filling a void caused to perfectly align pump flanges to avoid pipe stress. The void created below a machined baseplate or skid should ideally be filled with a material that is multipurpose- example; a resinous grout. Epoxy, Vinyl Ester, or a multi-component resin with the chemical resistant properties necessary for the service, is filled with an aggregate, and then placed in that void below the skid/baseplate. That material does a couple different things; first, it secures the space so that torqueing the anchor bolts does not warp or malign the baseplate. Second, it protects the concrete below from direct chemical exposure to the service material. Third, often the polymer based grout will have vibration absorption properties. While there are very few guarantees of these three benefits, the results will speak for themselves… either in 2 years, or 20.