Warehouse Floor Reseal

About Project

 We were contracted to seal a large warehouse floor for life longevity. Concrete, like our skin, has pores. When it is power troweled, those pores are generally closed. Some materials (oils, dirts, greases, chemicals) can penetrate those over time, and will stain or seep into a porous concrete. A sealer, when applied, will instead prevent those materials from seeping into the concrete, to a large degree. A coating goes one step further, it actually takes substrate preparation to open the pores, so that the concrete bonding primer material for the coating material can close and lock into the open pores. The coating then will chemically and molecularly bond to the primer, and that is how your coating becomes part of your floor. Not only is it designed to react ever so slightly with the concrete, but also to take mechanical tooth into the open pores. In this example, we did a general industrial clean, followed it up with a water based sealer.