Industrial General Contracting

From basic cleaning to intricate execution of detailed engineer drawings,
Millennium can execute small and medium projects for your capital or
maintenance teams. Our job is to take the weight off your shoulders when you
wonder how you’re going to get it all done. Let us make it easy for you. Our
teams are trained and capable of performance with minimal oversight, freeing
your time to do the rest of your job.

Machine Grouting

Small and Large epoxy grout jobs are regular for us. The photo on the right is our team on a 200+ unit (341 cubic ft) placement in a mine. We regularly execute same day in-and-out installations of one to three unit placements. If you have a piece of equipment that needs epoxy machine grout under the skid or the larger piece of equipment (centrifuge / compressor), Millennium has the team to make that happen.

Millennium is your resinous grout expert. Machine grouting of pumps, motors, centrifuges, and other equipment is one of the core activities of our company. If you have a skid, base plate, or piece of equipment that has cracked grout, or has no grout, let us come fill that void so your equipment lasts longer! Often times it is less expensive than believed, and can be executed in a day or two with minimal interruption of operations.


primary and secondary

Containment walls, sumps, spalling concrete, failed containment liners… all of these items are common in today’s manufacturing plant, and can all bring undesired consequences in the case of the next material spillage. From complete erosion of concrete when acid is spilled and gets under the liner, to a sump that is no longer functional because of its condition… Millennium can help. Using modified cements, latex, fiberglass, or other additives, the time for project execution can be reduced to days or hours. Let us repair your containment so that environmental safety levels are maintained, even when the event happens.

Concrete placement & Repair

Millennium is capable of installation of your new concrete, foundations, spread footer, deep drilled piers, bell bottoms, and breakout and replace. Using modern construction technologies, Millennium can tackle the biggest concrete challenges your facility has. We can correct spalling corners, potholes, sinkholes, and more. If you’ve got a concrete problem, call Millennium, and the problem will be no more.

chemical proofing 

Epoxies, vinyl esters, novolacs, urethanes, and more can be used to keep your flooring surfaces beautiful for many years to come. Millennium would be pleased to review the expected chemical exposure, and make recommendations on the material to apply to keep the flooring in great shape, safe to walk on, and ready for business!

Tank lining and painting

Not only does the exterior of your tank or vessel need to be coated for protection from environmental factors and aggressive chemicals, but the inside does too! Even just a water tank can require a liner to prevent oxidation of the metals. Millennium has a long history with many suppliers of coating materials. Elastomerics, Membranes, Plasites, Vinyl Esters, Novalacs, Epoxies and more! Capable of any preparation technique from NACE to SSPC, we will appropriately prepare the substrate, and apply the correct material per manufacturer’s instructions.

GreenShield precast polymer pump and motor base

Call us to get an unheard of 5 year warranty on your next pump and motor base. It is machined flat (no need for a skid) with a larger mass to reduce vibrations,  and totally customizable. These setups only require one day of outage to replace the old concrete base and only hours for new concrete install. This base saves valuable operational down time! Millennium is a certified installer! Call us to get yours measured today!